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Campus Enhancement Transmountain

Focus on creating student study and collaboration spaces

This facility will expand its existing labs and classrooms to satisfy campus needs.


The analysis and development phase for this campus indicated that an addition to the existing building would be the best way to meet campus needs. Additional classrooms will be created along with much needed student study and collaboration spaces. This addition will also allow for expansion of Fashion Design and Interior Design labs and computer-equipped classrooms.

  • Academic Classrooms
  • Collaborative Student Study Spaces
  • Fashion Design Lab
  • Interior Design Lab
  • Computer Labs
Quote leftI'm so excited. All of Fashion Tech is excited. The department has grown so much and the talent coming into the program has become more evident as well as demanding. The expansion will push advancement of the program, embracing the future of aspiring clothing designers. I believe it'll catch attention.Quote right
Heather Eisenschenk

About the Architect

Based in the Southwest, MNK Architects is a full-service architectural firm whose principals are registered in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona. The firm has been engaged in architecture and interior design since its inception in 1985.

MNK Architects