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Campus Enhancement Rio Grande

Focus on health-science students

This facility is designed to support the high demand and fast growth of the healthcare field.

Rio Grande

Healthcare is one of fastest growing and most in demand career fields in our community and across the nation. In response to this need, the Rio Grande campus enhancements will primarily serve health-science students. The new facility will include cutting-edge simulation labs, giving students hands-on experience responding to medical emergencies and patients. Faculty will be able to view and control the simulations to provide constructive feedback to students. Students will receive cutting edge training to become Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT), Phlebotomists, Radiography and other high-demand careers in the medical field. This building will also allow EPCC to create a new AAS program in Echocardiography.

  • Medical Simulation Labs
  • Classrooms
  • Cardio Lab
  • Criminal Justice Classrooms
  • Computer Lab
  • Student Study Space
Quote leftIt will be great to have new classrooms, new labs especially for the students. I see this neighborhood taking a turn for the best. I just moved down the block, and am part of the community. It’s nice to know that EPCC is going to build new facilities and that the funds are going to improving the school, and therefore improving the neighborhood as well.Quote right
Alicia Mendoza
Lab Assistant and Sunset Heights Resident

About the Architect

Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc. is a full-service design firm in West Texas that provides engineering and architectural design primarily in the public sector or with public entities, such as municipal infrastructure, education, healthcare and transportation.

Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc.